Green Acre Video
Named after its founder's New England home, the company started its distribution business in 1987 with two award-winning films on video. Since then it has developed a select library of 40 videos which enhance the audiovisual collections of major museums, schools, libraries, and universities in over 20 American states and 5 Canadian provinces, and even collections located as far away as Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. These works of art can also be seen on commercial, pay TV and public television across North America.
Susan Kavesh — Founder & President
Susan began her career in the Film Unit of Boston's Houghton-Mifflin publishing company, and was a documentary filmmaker and editor before moving to Montreal and Toronto where she coordinated over 30 films produced by major studios (MGM, Touchstone, Morgan Creek, etc.), cable TV companies (Showtime, Lifetime), and TV networks (NBC, ABC, CBS). Ms Kavesh also managed the production of 26 half-hour documentaries broadcast on History Television.

Despite her hectic schedule, Susan created Green Acre Video and has since expanded the company's film and DVD business to include the publishing and distribution of books worldwide through Green Acre Video and Books.
Julius Kohanyi — Filmmaker & Author
Julius's distinguished international career took a circuitous route from war-torn Hungary, and the United States, to Canada where he was Executive Producer of TV Drama for the CBC Television Network. Mr. Kohanyi wrote, produced, and directed over 40 films, including two features, which have been broadcast on commercial, Pay-TV, and public television.

Julius has won numerous awards including the Gold Medal at Houston's International Film Festival, the Hugo Award for Best Children's Entertainment Film, the Golden Image Award at Long Island's International Film Festival, and nominations for Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress at the prestigious Canadian Film Awards. His films have been selected for inclusion in Florence, Berlin, London, Edinburgh, Melbourne, and Venice International Film Festivals, to name a few, and he has had Special Screenings at the Royal Ontario Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Mr. Kohanyi has recently authored "THE RAD TRILOGY", a series of novels for Young Adults. Book One "RAD and the quest for Geminus" is "better than all the Harry Potter books" writes one Grade 10 student. Book Two "RAD and the Circus Gambit" has just been released, and Julius is currently working on Book Three "RAD and the Circus Ploy", to be released later this year.

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